Gearing Up

What to Bring

  • Shot gun, 12 gauge is ideal.  Make sure it is clean.  Missed opportunites because gun doesn’t fire, is heart breaking, especially when shots are minimal.
  • Shot gun shells,  For ducks:  #2 steel or #4, #6 Heavy Shot, Bismoth, etc. For Geese:  BB - T  steel shot or #2 Heavy Shot, Bismoth, etc,
  • Appropriate “Fowl” weather clothing as in waterproof, well insulated camo outerwear with plenty underneath.
  • A “high thinsulate rated” pair of warm waders.  1,000 grams of thinsulate or better are best.

Our Mission is to give you the best day possible with professional courteous service. With our knowledge, experience, and the best in equipment, we will thrive to make your experience in the marsh, filled with memories of what waterfowling is truly about.  A duck marsh is all about Good Friends, Good Times, and Great Duck Hunting!

Waterfowl Hunting

I am very passionate, and serious about waterfowling.  I go the extra miles it takes, to make sure that we have the best hunting situation possible.  I spend hours in marshes and inland lakes throughout the state.

With that being said, I have no control over people, weather, and what ducks are going to do that particular day.  While we have killed limits of ducks, there is no guarantee.  If your looking to kill a limit of birds, you should look else where. There are many factors that have a bearing on what the birds will do on that day.  If you have spent any time hunting, you know that fur or fowl, don’t always do what you expect.  The fact is that mother nature and other hunters can abrubtly alter plans of flying waterfowl.  Slow days in waterfowling are a fact and weather plays an important part of that.


The cost of the trip is $375 for one to three guests.

$1,000 for 3 consecutive days.
Price includes guide, 20’, 31HP Go-Devil Boat with pop up style blind, decoys
expert calling and Cinder, my Black Labrador Retriever.  A late breakfast or hot lunch
is also served in the blind.

Please leave your dog at home.  Cinder is a well trained lab, knows her job, and knows her place in the boat.  She is your guide, I just blow the duck call and drive the boat.

The short list:  We all know that Michigan’s Fall weather, sooner or later, gives us an Indian Summer, which of course, keeps the bird count down.  A couple birds in the morning and the hunt’s over.  To those of you who have the luxury, when the north wind blows and the telephone rings,  of getting away at a moments notice, please fill out the form below. (Some type of form containing their name, email, phone, work phone, and cell phone)
  • Hunting License - Michigan Small Game, Michigan Waterfowl, and Federal Waterfowl stamp.

Remember, your shotgun must be plugged so no more than two shells will fit in magazine or you are in violation of state and federal law!

Hunting Times

All hunts are a.m. hunts unless specifically requested.  We will hunt until we limit out or 3 pm.

Cinder Belle Windy Marsh
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