Custom Rods
Since that first rod I built at 16 years of age, a lot of great products have come around the last 3 decades.  Who knew back then that we would be paying over $700.00 for high end rods.

The series of blanks we build on, are the rods we use at Pere Marquette Outfitters.  From Belize to Alaska we give our rods a hard work out, With those "work outs"...we have been able to call out the blanks that lag behind the pack.  IF they are not good enough for us, they certainly are not good enough for the angler I build for.  Trust me, I've seen a lot of rods snap, crack, and explode.  Some because things just happen, mis-use of rods, and some just shouldn't have.

We have access to an array of blanks to meet your angling ventures, as well as components that rise above the most rugged conditions.

000 weights to 16 weight "blue water" rods, any fishing situation, uncompromised, can be met.

There is also a cost savings, which is important this day and age.  Dampening the cost of tthe current high end, "off the shelf" rods.

While most of the year is spent on the water, testing and retesting our rods in the most demanding conditions, December thru early March the cork dust is flying and epoxy finishes are being applied, producing a beautiful rod for the upcoming season.

Order your rod, tell us what you like and we can meet your needs and any budget, and offer you a fine tool on the stream...and for that we thank you. Tight Lines!
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