Welcome to Alaska, North America’s magnificent last frontier, where trophy rainbows and splashing salmon await you every morning. Alaska fly fishing is undoubtedly some of the best in the world. Bristol Bay is the life force, pumping migrating schools of salmon by the millions into Southwest Alaska via the unspoiled miles upon miles of streams and tributaries. One of the main arteries of this prolific estuary is the Alagnak River, a clear water fishery second to none, meandering through an pristine wilderness in the heart of Katmai National Park.

Wildlife abounds, as it did 2,000 years ago. Here you can witness Alaskan brown bear, as they migrate with the salmon, feeding for their winter hibernation. See eagles and ospreys, as they hover over the river, plucking out an 18” rainbow. Caribou, moose, and wolves may greet you through a misty morning or a midnight sunset. 
June is an over looked rainbow month; with millions of salmon smolts migrating back to the ocean from the lakes that drain into the Alagnak, predatious rainbows gorge after surviving a long winter's fast.

Casting a large mouse pattern with a Spey rod or swinging a large leech pattern is also privy to some of the most ferocious strikes you will ever experienced on a fly rod.

In season, sockeye by the thousands will pass you each day. These fresh chrome acrobats are looking for a fight at the end of your rod, each delivering their own special bag of tricks including flip-flops, vertical vaults, and tenacious runs. They will rip your fly line through the water in an audible, rooster tail fashion. The Alagnak has one of the most reliable and viable runs of sockeye in the state.  Not far behind them are 50 lb. kings, chums, pinks and silvers.

With salmon by the millions, the rainbows get fat and sassy.

There is no better way to take this all in than by a week's stay at our remote, wilderness camp. Through the course of the week, fishing requires that you take a few steps away from the shoreline, not far from dock.  The camp is strategically located as not a better place to fish the Sockeye Salmon run whether it be a few feet from our dock or the island about 50 yards downsteam from camp.
Some of the best King fishing on the entire river system can be had within a 1 to 10 minute run with our jet boats.
Come join us for a “Fish On” expedition that will melt your heart and soul and have you begging for more.  For that special week, the river is yours for the taking. This will be the trip of a lifetime, but only until the next time. Come see what Alaska fly fishing is all about.
Some of thee best Sockeye fishing is right in front of camp.Not a bad morning's work!  Sockeye fishing in Alaska the first three weeks in July is amazing!!!  And pound for pound, one of the hardest fighting, acrobatic fish to be had at the end of a rod.Accomodations are roomy adn comfy in the remote bush.Long time patron, Charlie Fudge, fishing the Alagank's fresh Chum salmon the third week of July, 2016.The "Cocktail Tent", an insect free environment when the bugs are on the offensive.The Alagnak River produces a great run of large Kings year after year.Damon Michelsen was the first to harvest a nice bull during our 2016 season.  A view of camp surrounded by Alaskan Yukon Moose country with the Alagnak River by it's side.Carol Skinner pushing the 50 pound mark on Alagnak Kings.Cast and Blast Alaska Style!  2016 we stayed thru the 23rd of September.  Waterfowling was great as was the late Silver fishing.Give me another mouse please!June thru September there is always something to fish for.  Silvers on a two hander, switch rod, or jigging with spinning rods is great sport in September as the fall colors start to come in.
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Alaska Fly Fishing: Experience the Last Frontier

If Michigan fly fishing isn't enough for you, join us on an amazing adventure in our 49th state.

Alaska's Alagnak Wilderness Camp
Alaska's Alagnak
Wilderness Camp
September offers a different dimension to Alaska for those of you that like the thrill of the hunt as well as the swing of a fly on a two hander. It is an "epic adventure of Bulls/Bows/Ducks/and Silvers".

We are ideally set up and suited for self-guided moose hunts, as the camp is set up in very viable Yukon Moose territory.  Being in the Katmai National Park, there is no commercial big-game guiding allowed, which is perfect for a self-guided hunt.  In additions to your moose hunt, we also offer duck hunting, fishing for Silvers, Trout, Char, and Grayling which makes for a very exciting, action packed Alaskan adventure.

In  2016, we harvested two moose, one hunter missed, and another large moose was passed up.  The guys shot Mallards, Widgeon, Pintails, and Green Winged Teal on the waterfowl end, and the Silver fishing was nothing short of epic.  Not to mention the good Rainbow, Char and Grayling Fishing... and we had the whole river to ourselves!