Michigan Steelhead

Steelhead is a species of mystic proprotioions and anglers world wide brave the weather that send these behemouth rainbows to the river. Thier speed can only be compared to bone fish and their acrobatic flights, cartwheeling across the surface of a swollen river is something that can only be felt and witnessed...it can't be explained.

Pushing 8 months a year (late October thru May), most of  their time, one can endure the most wicked weather that northern Michigan can dish out.

A  little weather and swollen October rivers is the drive-force pushing these aggressive in nature rainbows to the cusp of a bent rod.  They hold in their
Spring has sprung and the late days of March, show us what 60 egree air temps feel like again.  But don't be fooled as our spring weather can turn on a dime and the next day is 20 degrees and snow squalls.
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The warmer days of April finally arrive as leaves on the dormant trees of winter start to bud out and the river gets a refreshing taste of greenery.  Our early spawners are finished and head back to Lake Michigan while new spring migrants work their way up river, uneducated and willing to take a fly!

By the end of May, most of our steelhead have spawned and re-generated another year classification of fish, that we can enjoy for years to come.


While 75% of our time is spent fly fishing for steelhead, we offer different techniques that cater both the angler as well as the specific time of year and conditions. 

Fly fishing for steelhead is by far the most productive in the spring of the year, where drift fishing with a running lines, or roll casts and a lot of mending keeps the indicator drifting through the "sweet spot".

Late fall through the heart of the winter, "hotshotting" with lures like Storm's Hot-n-tots, is deadly and effective as well as back bouncing roe down the long extended runs of the Muskegon river, produce double digit numbers.

One thing you can be assured, with the days on the water, with and with out customers, that we spend chasing steelhead, 8 months of the year, we continue to re-test our favorite runs and pools, as well as seek out new pieces of water that a new sweeper created or high water has scoured out.can put you on the best producing runs that we know and continue to find,   Whether in pursuit with the fly, or one the other techniques, we'll put you in the most productive water possible!
deep lies all winter, awaiting that special "spike" in water temperature, pulling them to the shallows on spawnng gravel, as well as setting another round of chrome fish to take over, as if we hadn't had enough.