Michigan King Salmon

"King Salmon" is not a misnomer....there is a reason they call these Pacific migrators Kings.  There is nothing more devastating to fishing equipment than the ever powerful King or Chinook.  They will test every weight of  a 9 weight rod, break 8 to 12 pound tippet material, and have a reel spinning out of control, bloodying the knuckles of the fingers that are trying to control it.  When the line is limp, your hurting both mentally and physically, they will have you antagonizing for more...

Michigan  hosts one of the Permier salmon rivers , the Pere Marquette, and is one of the first, cold water streams, to recieve this viable strain of salmon in the State.
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By Mid September the  "run" is on  with days of over a thousand fish on the move and the deeper  pools are teaming with schools of 8 to 25 pound fish and we've tipped the scales well into the upper 30# range.  As the mornings get cooler and our days get shorter, they start heading for the shallower gravel to spawn.  The "redds"  are a sight with the males fighting over the egg laying female and sight fisihing is the norm.  Their spawning jouirney will last well into the first part of November.

It's a thrill as the dawn's morning light, brightens up the river bottom, only to see a couple dozen fish awaiting the your presentation of a fly.