Davd Roller's Pere Marquette Outfitters is a guide service,.  Fly fishing for trout, salmon , and steelhead in Michigan and Alaska as well as extensive water fowling. We also build custom built rods.
Michigan fly fishing is the perfect way to spend a morning
There is an unexplained malady buried deep in Angler's Souls; the urge to fish. It is a damned terminal disease for which there is no cure, only lots of treatment!
~Author Unknown
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Interested in catching some Pacific salmon or Michigan steelhead? Fishing adventures with Pere Marquette Outfitters will give you the opportunity to experience exhilarating Alaska fly fishing or Michigan fly fishing.

Alaska and Michigan are two of the best fly fishing destinations in the world. At Pere Marquette Outfitters, this is where we fish for salmon, steelhead, and trophy rainbows. 

In the heart of Alaska's Bristol Bay drainage is the home of Alaska's first "Wild and Scenic River" - the famed Alagnak. It is host to all five species of Pacific salmon as well as trophy rainbow trout, arctic char, Dolly Varden, and grayling. In this pristine location we offer a unique weeklong guided float trip fishing adventure in which we guide fly fisherman (and women) over some 50 miles of this great river.

Michigan is host to three of the very best rivers for salmon and steelhead fishing in the lower 48, and we are right in the middle of the action. As our name suggests, the Pere Marquette River is our home water and is minutes from our backyard. In addition, we have easy access to the Muskegon and the Manistee. While Michigan fly fishing is easier on the pocket book than Alaska fly fishing, it still offers fly fishing of epic proportions.

So we would be honored if you would join us, whatever the occasion, and whether it be a weeklong adventure or a 2-3 day respite closer to home. You will experience some of the greatest fishing you've ever encountered (at either destination.) Contact us today and soon we will have you Michigan steelhead fishing like a pro!

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Enjoy Pacific Salmon or Michigan Steelhead Fishing With Us

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